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Ron's 50 Steps with JESUS Shepherd Videos

50 STEPS WITH JESUS Video Lessons

These videos were made to provide believer's without a shepherd a real virtual shepherd, training ideas from the videos for shepherds, and videos to teach with for small groups, big step events, and congregations. 

As you journey, please feel free to use these videos as you need.  We recommend that you go through only one step each day so that each day is special.  

Don't wait on the PDF to start, but get the PDF to start from us or we will email it to us through the contact us site

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Dr. Ron Harvell helps you prepare for your first step. This is going to be exciting!


Week 1

Step 1 - Who am I Now?

When you become a Christian you are changed into a new and different person. Enjoy Step 1 as you enjoy all that God has in store for you. It is 'journey time' follower of Jesus!!


Step 2: God's Streams of Water

Today you learn about how God takes care of you spiritually!


Step 3 - God Loves You

God really loves you!


Step 4: God Wants You To Talk With Him

You get to talk with Jesus...so cool.


Step 5: God Wants You To Know His Word

God wants to talk to you...


Step 6: God Made You a New Creation

You are a miracle! God made you a new creation.


Step 7: God Made You A Part of A Family

You are now part of the family...a very big family!


Week 2

Big Step 8: Following Jesus By Walking WIth Him

Following Jesus in your walk with Him is a great experience


Step 9: Following Jesus in Baptism

Baptism is recognized as the most significant act of proclaiming that you are a Christian. It is important to Jesus.


Step 10: Follow Jesus in Celebrating Communion

Communion is a very special time for believers as we remember what Jesus did for us and thank Him for His life.


Step 11: Follow Jesus by Telling Your Story

One of the exciting ways we share our love for others and for Jesus is by telling our story.


Step 12 Follow Jesus by Loving One Another

When the Holy Spirit helps you love others it is amazing how you can love.


Step 13: Following Jesus by Forgiving Others

With the Holy Spirit in you will be able to forgive like God forgives.


Step 14: Follow Jesus by Serving Others

Learn how to serve others as you walk with Jesus


Week 3

Big Step 15! More Ways to Talk to God

This week you will really learn how to talk with God!


Step 16: Types of Prayer - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of the most powerful prayers.


Step 17: Types of Prayer - Praise

So exciting to sing about who God is. Remember to sing to Him!


Step 18: Types of Prayer - Confession

Grow with the Lord as you learn about confession


Step 19: Types of Prayer - Petition

Petitions are specific requests asking the Lord for help.


Step 20: Types of Prayer - Praying for Others

When you pray for others you get to see God change lives.


Step 21: Types of Prayer - Conversational

Learn to put all of your prayers together and enjoy talking with Jesus throughout each day.


Week 4

Big Step 22: Understanding the Bible - Introduction

Find out today how to use your Bible!


Step 23: Understanding the Bible - The Inspired Word

It is important to know that the Bible is from God.


Step 24: Understanding the Bible - How to Study Part 1

Today you will learn four tools for studying God's Word


Step 25: Understanding the Bible - How to Study Part 2

You will now learn how to use a few more tools for Bible Study


Step 26: Understanding the Bible - You and the Bible

Learn different ways to study the Bible.


Step 27: Understanding the Bible - Memorizing

Memorizing the Bible helps you have God's Word with you as you journey with the Lord!


Step 28: Understanding the Bible - Praying the Word

Learn the power of prayer by praying with the Word


Week 5

Step 32: Being a Part of the Church - The Building

Another way you fit is as a part of God's building


Step 29: Being a Part of the Church - Introduction

The real church is not physical building. It is a spiritual one made up of all those who believe in Jesus! So exciting.


Step 30: Being a Part of the Church - The Holy Spirit in You

There is so much that the Holy Spirit does for you as a part of the Church...so much!


Step 31: Being a Part of the Church - The Body

One of the ways you fit into the church is as a part of the body.


Step 33: Being a Part of the Church - The Bride

So you get to be a part of the body, the building, and the bride. So cool.


Step 34: Being Part of the Church - Plugging In

Being able to be a part of the community of faith is a big deal. Your shepherd can help you fit in.


Step 35: Being a Part of the Church - The Family

The Holy Spirit wants you to be in a great family of love and spiritual growth.


Week 6

Day 36: Worshipping God - Introduction

Worshipping the Lord is very important to Him. It is good for us and it gives the Lord great joy. This week let your love for Jesus flow through you in the form of worship.


Step 37: Worshipping God With Your Body

Allow yourself to enjoy worshipping God with your body. This is a very exciting way to show the Lord how much you love Him!


Step 38: Worshipping God with Your Mouth

Discover ways to worship God with your mouth


Step 39: Worshipping God with Your Thoughts

This is a very important way to worship the Lord. Enjoy thinking about Jesus.


Step 40: Worshipping God with Your Actions

Show you love of Jesus through things that you do for Him.


Step 41 - Worshipping God with Your Heart

This is a very special way to express your love...deeply, sincerely...very special.


Step 42: Worshipping God - Putting it All Together

So exciting! You get to practice putting all of the ways of worship together.


Week 7

Step 43: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple - Introduction

So exciting. This is your last week! Congratulations. Now we will learn more about being a disciple!


Step 44: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple - You Are an Ambassador

You are a part of the Lord's work and represent the Lord to the world.


Step 45: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple - Sharing Your Faith, Part 1

Helping others come to know the Lord is an honor. Learn today what people need to know to become a Christian.


Step 46: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple - Sharing Your Faith, Part 2

Today you learn today what people need to do to become a Christian


Step 47: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple - Teaching Others, Part 1

Helping others grow in their faith is a very normal part of being a Christian. Learn today ways to help others grow!


Step 48: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple - Teaching Others, Part 2

Today you will build on yesterday in helping others grow in their faith.


Step 49: Walking with Jesus As a Disciple -Jesus is With You Always

This is one of the greatest truths of your relationship with Jesus. He loves you dearly and will be with you always!! Congratulations...day 49...celebration tomorrow!!!


Week 8

Step 50: The Journey Continues: Stepping Out in Faith with the Lord

Congratulations!! You made it!! It is celebration time