God's Greater Grace

Biblical Conferences

Biblical conferences to help you, your ministry, and your church family grow in your walks with the Lord


Marsha has taught and led conferences in 14 countries and is a trainer for KayArthur’s Precept Ministries International.  Marsha is now able to participate in AF Chapel Ministries with out prior restrictions.

Ron is also available to lead conferences, ministry training, and leadership development.

Please prayerfully consider attending  a conference or

inviting Marsha and or Ron to lead a conference for you, your church, or your chapel!


Conference Topics:

  • God's Promises for Salvation and Marriage
  • Praying God's Word for Your Loved Ones
  • Being a Godly Man 
  • Discipling New Believers
  • Realizing the Power of God’s Promises in Your Marriage
  • Being a Godly Wife and Mother 
  • How to Make the Bible Come        
  • Living Your Life With Purpose
  • Complete In Christ
  • 50 Steps With Jesus training

To invite Ron or Marsha to your church or event, please contact them below

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